The Comic

A Near Myth is an all-ages, fantasy comic that follows the adventures of two siblings, Henna and Milo. They are on a journey to find their father, after he is kidnapped by a mysterious and malevolent stranger, from an unknown place. Their quest is set in a Tolkienesque fantasy world called Eidz (think Dungeons & Dragons or Lord of the Rings) and is full of magic, swords, Elves, Trolls, and the like. A Near Myth is a story is of high-drama, adventure, humor, and (hopefully) interesting characters. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it.

The Author

Tauhid Bondia (TAH-HEED BON-DEE-UH): I am 39 years old (as of this writing) and what the kids refer to as an "Old Head". I've been drawing comics for most of my life and posting them online for about 13 years now. I have also worked as a graphic designer/illustrator for about 17 years (the last three years for What Pumpkin LLC). I live in Hodgenville, Kentucky and if you'd like to contact me you can hit up my Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Or you can just shoot me an email at

The Characters

Henna Mythander: Henna is a self-styled rogue and Jack-of-all-trades. At 11 years old, she is the older of the two siblings and the de facto leader of the pair. She's never had much use for formal learning, but has quite an aptitude for the arts. Although, she's pretty handy with a bow or short sword, Henna prefers to use her wits and silver tongue to get out of scrapes.

Milo Mythander: Milo, until recently, was his father's apprentice in training. He has spent most of his seven years with his nose buried in some ancient tome or other and, frankly, prefers the company of, long-dead, ancient masters to that of actual people. With the exceptions, of course, of his father and his beloved sister, Henna.

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