Here is where I'll post extra ANM related (or unrelated?) content for you to enjoy. Or ignore completely. Whatever.

Unlettered Page

One of the most bitter-sweet things about making comics is slaving away drawing a page and then having to cover up that art with word balloons. Although, I guess being bothered by that depends on whether your consider yourself an artist/writer or a writer/artist. I'm definitely the former.
Anyway here's the latest update without any word balloons.

- by 7auhid

Milo & Henna Concepts

l thought I'd share some Milo and Henna concept sketches. It took me years to learn not to use the first design that comes out of my head. These days, I like to try at least three or four different looks before settling on something. These designs were particularly useful when I was nailing down the kid's hairstyles. Turns out, not everything that looks good from a 2/3 holds up when rendered straight on or at a profile.


The final designs differ slightly from what's shown here, but that's the nature of the thing. These designs will likely continue to evolve as I continue to draw them.

- by 7auhid

The Realm Of Eidz

One of my favorite parts of making a comic is creating the world it exists in. And since a lot of travelling happens, in A Near Myth, its important to always know what lies ahead and what's been left behind, geographically. It's for this reason that one of my first chores, when creating ANM, was to build a map of the realm of Eidz (sounds like "sides"), where the story takes place. You may have noticed the impression of this map in the background of the site, in fact. While I'd developed it mainly for my own reference, I have always planned to share this map with any curious Myth Heads out there, so here you go.

Click the image for a larger more... draggable version.

- by 7auhid

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