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One of the most bitter-sweet things about making comics is slaving away drawing a page and then having to cover up that art with word balloons. Although, I guess being bothered by that depends on whether your consider yourself an artist/writer or a writer/artist. I'm definitely the former.
Anyway here's the latest update without any word balloons.

-by 7auhid

New site features

I've added a couple of new bells and whistles to the site, you guys. Firstly there's a new Subscribe button. Because of the amount of work involved in each page of the comic, updates can sometimes be pretty sporadic. If you subscribe you'll get a notification email the moment a new page goes live. That's very exciting, right?

Secondly, I've added a Support Page to the site. Nothing huge here. It just outlines some of the ways you can support the site, should you feel moved to. The Paypal donation button and a link to the ANM Patreon can be found there.

That's all for now :)

-by 7auhid

New Extras Added

I've added a couple of new items to the Extras section. I'll be posting any extra comic related (or just plain fun) content here, so be sure to check it out every now and then for new stuff.

-by 7auhid

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